Lighthaus 12 – Corpo – 24.10.15 – 28.10.15 – Loophole Boddinstr. 60





The Lighthaus was born in the ashes of a garden.  In a dark place where seeds are planted, in a moment when there was a need for a different perspective.  The lighthouse, the beacon that guides ships in from a stormy sea to a protected shore.   As a house it is also a home, where relation grows into community.
The first Lighthaus was on Friday, September 13th, 2013, and in the two years since it has been the showcase of more than 100 artists and musicians participating in 12 different events, regularly occurring every 2-3 months both in its base location on the 3rd floor of the Funkhaus Block A, as well as occupying space in the KinoZukunft in Friedrichstein, the Greenhaus in Neukölln, etc.
Organized and curated by Gabriele Aicardi and supported by the creative participation of artists and musicians, the Lighthaus is self-funded through donations.  Consistently improving the quality of its exposition of both fine arts and live music, the Lighthaus is an integral part of the Funkhaus avant garde creative.

Lighthaus12 – Corpo

Saturday 24th October – opening
Dylan Bakker –
Federico Egidi –
Eddy Vivier Murangwa –
Fabian Faassen –
Steef Van Lent –
Wednesday 28th October – Finissage

Lighthaus 11 – Neue Stadt – 11.09.15 – Funkhaus



Eddy Vivier Murangwa – paintings, books

Dylan Bakker – photography, silkscreen print and athletics

Kurihara – drawings

Chuuu – paintings, visual art

Shoxxx – screenprintings, puppets

Siraj Izhar – sceenprintings, videoart

Federico Egidi – paintings. objects

Atena Jeretiç – photos

Chino y Ginebra – poetry, poems books

Santiago Cruz – paintings, artwords

Jan Lemitz –  videoart



Wildescope Plus


Dj Vomit

Neue Stadt Listening: take your vinyls!


Special thanks: to master Eddy for the graphics and the great presence, to all the artists and musicians supporting this show whit their partecipation, to Funkhaus for the spaces, to for let me use the pics of Klaus Bürgle,


The Neubau/Altbau dichotomy points to historical dimension in our work. It’s not architectural destruction that haunts us. It’s the rift torn in the culture of Europe and especially Germany. The prewar avant-garde tradition was completely severed. There was no German tradition one could refer to without feeling guilty. That culture which existed before the war is rightly forbidden to us, because of what it led to – or at best, did not prevent. Connect the “destructive character” with this historical perspective and you have a key to our method and madness. It means that love songs are possible.”

Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten)



30/09/2014 – Lighthaus 08 – Funkchaos

funkchaos jpeg

Artworks by:

Valentina Michelina, Try, Brian, Daniele Consorti, Juan Varela, Eddy Vivier, Michel “Cren” Pietsch, Sabatino Cersosimo, Yaiza, Federico, Emanuelle Nedelcu, Matthieu Sery, Johan Pille, Marija, Alfredo Laporta, Alexander Habisreutinger, Jonah Landor-Yamagatar…………………………………………………………………..

Sound session by:

Vito Giacovelli, Daniele Consorti, Clare “Kralfe”, Antony Hequet, Panos Margaritis, Luca “Fluss Pluss”, “The Real Gonzos”, Brian, Emanuelle Nedelcu, Irene Graziadei, Eddy Vivier, Micha Wolf, Alexander Habisreutinger, Milo Lombardi, Jesse Kerr, Gabriele “Gift!”……………………….


29/06/14 – Lighthaus 07 – Solstice

Lighthaus 07



Artworks by: Daniele Consorti, Alexander Habisreutinger, Atena Jeretic, Rob Randle, Stefan Sirras, Juan Varela, Eddy Vivier

Sounds by: The Fingers, Gill Delindro





Works by: Daniele Consorti, Marcela Gallo, Servando Barreiro, Timofte Florin, John Power, Boris Kayser, Mit Borras, Marcela Llanos

Music by: Kakawaka, Pani K, Laura Weider

07.03.14 / 5pm / Lightroom A368 / 3rd floor

Vices and Virtues

Lighthaus 5 flyer web

Works by
Emanuel Engartner
Felix Gephart
Renzo Marasca
Regina Wells
Matthieu SÈry
Lady Gaby
Eduardo Sancamillo

Music by
Emanuela Lioy
The Real Gonzos

07.02.14 / 5pm / Lightroom A368 / 3rd floor

LIGHTHAUS 004 – (Amore e Odio)

Flyer Original

Edson Colon-Aguirre
Faizal Lulat
Jonah Landor-Yamagatar
Emanuelle Nedelcu
Gonzalo Reyes
Natalia Stepanova

Sexy Rexy
Bakakuri feat Ken Mutant

Music-video selection:
Alberto Sardo

05.12.13 / 5pm / Lightroom A368 / 3rd floor