Lighthaus 11 – Neue Stadt – 11.09.15 – Funkhaus



Eddy Vivier Murangwa – paintings, books

Dylan Bakker – photography, silkscreen print and athletics

Kurihara – drawings

Chuuu – paintings, visual art

Shoxxx – screenprintings, puppets

Siraj Izhar – sceenprintings, videoart

Federico Egidi – paintings. objects

Atena Jeretiç – photos

Chino y Ginebra – poetry, poems books

Santiago Cruz – paintings, artwords

Jan Lemitz –  videoart



Wildescope Plus


Dj Vomit

Neue Stadt Listening: take your vinyls!


Special thanks: to master Eddy for the graphics and the great presence, to all the artists and musicians supporting this show whit their partecipation, to Funkhaus for the spaces, to for let me use the pics of Klaus Bürgle,


The Neubau/Altbau dichotomy points to historical dimension in our work. It’s not architectural destruction that haunts us. It’s the rift torn in the culture of Europe and especially Germany. The prewar avant-garde tradition was completely severed. There was no German tradition one could refer to without feeling guilty. That culture which existed before the war is rightly forbidden to us, because of what it led to – or at best, did not prevent. Connect the “destructive character” with this historical perspective and you have a key to our method and madness. It means that love songs are possible.”

Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten)